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Have you noticed that the experience of buying games online is horrendous? You would have thought that with all the innovation in the field during the past decade that finding new games would have been an amazing and easy experience. However, except for video game streaming, nothing has changed. Online game stores are the same they were in 2008. There has been close to zero innovation in how one buys or tests new games.

So let’s look at the landscape today and suppose that you want to buy a game.

You have basically, three ways to go about it.

You can go to the store of your platform, where you will see the price, description & some screenshots.
You can watch the trailer, a nice way to showcase the visuals of the game, but most of the times you do not get a feeling of the actual gameplay experience.
You can check out other people who play it which is what we all do, and it’s brilliant, but you do not know how it feels and you are in danger of encountering spoilers!

it sucks

Currently, there is no way for you to understand how the game feels. Unless you buy it, of course.

All of this hurts the game creators and indie developers in particular because they can't show you how awesome their game is. Users feel more and more scared of buying new games; as a result, they rely heavily on other people's opinion.

As you would have guess by the title of this article the solutions is simple playable-gifs.

Yup, like regular GIF but with an extra ability to interact with it. GIFs as an image format have revolutionised the way you express yourself today, and I believe that we can use the same formula to showcase to the user how a game really feels.

It is practically 15” / 1 objective of a game.

The only the data loaded would be that of the playable section; therefore the resources are kept to a minimum. This allows the playable gif to be just 35MB which is very manageable by even the slowest internet connection today. Most people will view this p-gifs on the same machine that they will be playing the original game. As a result, the feasibility of it shouldn't be that complex.

Game creators can use playable gifs to enhance the experience of the user even before the game is purchased.

Try a new climbing technique

Use of new weapon

Or a new innovative interaction

Try to imagine that all the gifs showcased were playable. Wouldn’t you immediately get a better feeling of how the actual game plays? Imagine if rather than seeing static screenshots in the store each one of them would have been interactive!

Sony, Microsoft, Valve & Nintendo lease I am begging you! Can you get rid of the screenshots which make us feel like we are in 1995 and replace them with interactive Playable GIFs? The first company to step up ad the make this happen will guarantee it's customers the best shopping experience.

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